Academic Programs

Simulation at Universities and Colleges

Hundreds of leading educational institutions worldwide are using Arena simulation software today. Rockwell Automation's Educational version of Arena provides a valuable teaching tool to universities and colleges by introducing students to the principles of simulation. In addition to our laboratory licensing, we also offer an educational research package that can meet your simulation research needs.

Software versions:

All Arena Educational versions are based on the Professional Edition package. This package includes all of the functionality that Arena has to offer.

Educational Laboratory:

The Arena Education Laboratory package is a 30-seat license package with the possibility of additional seats if they are required. This package includes concurrent network licensing, allowing license management via a server. Network licensing allows you to set permissions and control license distribution on your network.

This package also permits lab administrators to make copies of the software to distribute to students for installation on their personal machines. This allows students to utilize a current version in labs that may not coincide with the edition provided with the textbook. These unlicensed versions can be used for academic, non-commercial purposes.


Rockwell Automation also offers a research software package specifically designed for use by professors and graduate students performing independent or graduate-level research. This package is a one-seat package that includes a dongle key for easily transferring the license across machines.

Licensing/Use of Educational Packages:

The educating of new users and the research conducted with Arena simulation software is invaluable to Rockwell Automation. This is one reason why Rockwell Automation will continue to offer Arena to academic users at a significant discount. In order to allow us to continue our academic program, we take our end user license agreement (EULA) very seriously and expect our users to abide by the established academic use of the software for strictly educational and research purposes.

For licensing guidelines, please see the Arena Academic License Guidelines document.

Teaching Materials:

Those that adopt the Simulation with Arena textbook as a required course material are eligible for valuable offers and benefits. Please contact us at for offers available as part of this adoption.

Benefits include:

  • Course materials (PowerPoint presentations) corresponding with textbook chapters.
  • Example and exercise models with solutions.
  • Students who purchase this textbook are eligible to download Arena from the McGraw-Hill website at no charge

For information about this textbook/software package, visit locate the representative serving your university.

For license and fee information or other program details, contact us at